Sunday, September 16, 2007

The NetBeans Profiler [part 2]

Last time we saw how to use the netbeans profiler control panel, we also explored the different ways of attaching a profiler to an application and options to monitor its performance..

if you are clueless about this then perhaps you should read the earlier post. These links takes you there



Now let's make a meaning out of the information captured by the profiler.

When profiling is in progress, there two types of results that you would get

1. The live Result : These results are updated regularly while profiling session is in progress.

The snapshot below makes everthing clear as it shows clearly the live results I'm getting while profiling my application.

Depending on your settings, the sector you are monitoring and the way you attached the profiler the live result button will not be active. I chose to monitor most options so on starting the session the thread windows opens in the source editor and the live result window opened automatically.

The telemetry view pops up below but if you want to have a full view double click on it and a similar one to the last snapshot above will open in the source editor.

Take some ample time to watch what is happening to the areas you are monitoring. Let's take the telemetry view for example, when opened in the editor depending on your settings you might have at least three tabs just below the window all displaying high level data on what ever its you are monitoring some of which are the garbage collection, memory heap and the likes. Watch carefully how your applications use the systems resources.

2.The Snapshot : On earlier post we saw the use of the snapshot, when profiling you could if you want to capture results on the fly, you can save them and later use them in accessing how you application fared during a particular operation.

here is a snapshot on a snapshot I saved while profiling my application

To capture, click on the take snapshot button to capture profiling info immediately, click save if you want a copy of it.

By now a newbie like you and I should have been convinced to stick to NetBeans ; It makes java programming more FUN and offers a convenient learning environment........

The last part of the profiler will be posted next week ... Don't Miss out.

Keep Exploring..........

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