Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Top 5 Of August

Remember my post on monthly favorites, well here is my monthly roundup of the best softwares I have read about and tested.

The snapshots tell the story, the links take you there for more info and downloads if you want to try them out.

In no particular order here I go...

1. System Info : Great utility, get your systems info in less than 30 sec, from network configurations to type and version of Bios installed in the system. Read the full story here

2. AutoRuns : If you are really interested in tracking your startup wares and services then you ultimate option is this utility. It does not only list them but offers the ability to save and compare later. You should read all about it here

3. VistaBoot Pro : When you install a second Microsoft OS the hard way [ i.e not going by the right method or installing an older version on a different partition ]. Rarely will you be able to boot your other OS since the new installation doesn't have any idea where to find the boot loader for the already installed OS. VistaBoot Pro saves you all the trouble as it is able to scan your system and finds all Microsoft boot entries. The full overview is here

4. Google Hacks : If you know how to search for mp3's and other stuffs using google search by typing strings like "?intitle:index.of?...." I think you should be tired by now. If you haven't heard about it well it's been here for a while now and it gets better each time. Get GoogleHacks here

5. libchm-bin : This is not a win32 application, its binary library pacakage that helps convert chm files ( microsoft compiled HTML files ) to html file so you can access it in linux (ubuntu). It helped me a lot since I'm new to linux and the books to help me get started were all in chm format. You want it its here

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