Thursday, August 9, 2007

Take Advantage Of This..

One of the best ways of acquiring knowledge is to learn from others. Learning from the source itself is more advantageous.

If you are a java and Netbeans fun then probably you've heard or known about this.

Sun regularly offer free java tutorials online and it's also available for download. It has hundreds of examples worth the time and I can assure you learning with those trails wont be a waste of time.
If you interested just follow this link : java tutorial

Sun also host a lot of blogs for their employees to write about anything.
I'm interested in one particular blog; the java tutorial blog where updates to tutorial trails are blogged. check it out

Every now and then people from all walks of life submits articles to NetBeans showing how to get around particular java solutions using NetBeans.

If you haven't heard of this then you are missing in action, click here and find out what you're missing.

when I find irresistible articles you can be sure I'll let you know

NetBeans also has a community where you can join to embark on projects.
Thanks to them, all NetBeans setups come with various sample projects.

The most useful to me was the feedReader project which I suggest you go through. I can guarantee you that you will learn a lot from it.
To make it even easy click here and follow the instructions from the link to create your own feedReader app. Its an opportunity to learn how to use both java API and NetBeans API to build robust application

Here a quick view of the feedReader application

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