Sunday, August 19, 2007

Turn Your Gmail Accounts Into A Free Online Storage

Want to turn your Gmail account into a free online storage?… I guess you do

Want to be able to upload and store all types of files from pictures to videos to music? … I bet you do

Want to able to listen to your uploaded music files from the same platform any where you go? … of course

How about viewing your pictures too? …. Sounds fun.

First you need a Firefox browser.

Next you need to get GSpace , the extension that makes all of this possible.

It works on every platform be it linux, windows or Mac.

I’ll let The snapshots tell the rest of the story….

Main section [ You can navigate through your local stuffs and upload your favorites ]

Photo mode [ the section that allows you to view your uploaded pictures ]

Player Mode [ lets you stream your mp3s online…. Take your favorites with you everywhere you go ]

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